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Thursday, May 30, 2013

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deleted from go daddy

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This creates an Apache server with mod_wsgi 3.4 and Python 2.7 installed running Django 1.5.1

The Django libraries are installed in the ~/webapps//lib/python2.7/django directory.

The front-end web server proxies incoming requests to the Apache server listening on an unprivileged port.

A cron job is created to restart the Apache server every 20 minutes if it is not already running.

To restart Apache, run: ~/webapps//apache2/bin/restart
To start Apache, run: ~/webapps//apache2/bin/start
To stop Apache, run: ~/webapps//apache2/bin/stop

Django documentation is available at:
Python documentation is available at:

Anonymous said...

Freedom of Thought

"Freedom of speech" is so last century. "Freedom of thought" is the thing.
e.g. Buddha Himself has given us freedom to doubt Him, to challenge Him, to think He was a cheat, a pervert etc.
Cool? Not so fast.
(1) Saya U San Tun, a former Rector of Mandalay Uni, upon returning from foreign studies thought to himself that monks in Myanmar could not be as studious and knowledgeable as he was. He went blind till he took the "spiritual cure."
(2) King Sakka's father in law found himself bound up in chains once he thought ill of Sakka, and got free of the chains again once he had grateful thoughts aobut Sakka's good deeds to him.
(3) King Alaung Sithu's blindness.
Now, why would you think Lord Buddha lies to you?
Hundreds of things He said, you verify them to be true.
If you are sincere, humble and open-minded, you can take them as evidence of His veracity.
If you are over-sceptical, at least, you can suspend your judgement as if you are in an IDEO brainstorming session, or you can give Him the benefit of the doubt.
Feel free to think very very freely. And there are consequences for every thought.

Anonymous said...

(1) I still pick up and study respectfully every new TOEFL/IELTS book. But given my teachers, I look down on all of them. (2) I still check out every hot education software. Given my teachers, I look down on all of them. Pls, don't mention Harvard, Stanford, IBM, Cisco, Google Course Builder etc. I also know how to search on Google/Bing etc, right ? ;-)

I am a bit dumb, very humble and very easily satisfied. But I know that Than Toe Aung (my big hero) is not Baha Doo, that General David Petraeus (my hero too) is not Maha Thiha Thura etc.

I must at least match my teachers. If not, then what is the point of their labor?

My students must go past me.If not, then what is the point of my labor of love?

Then what is the point of the march of humanity? (maybe from a poem by Wordsworth)

Anonymous said...

(1) The earliest stage of Facebook was about 3000 lines of code. In 1 hour, you/I can download nearly a million lines of code for free. Why are these codes free? How can we make them sell-able?

(2) Programming skills alone is not enough. Product design and marketing alone is not enough. You need to think for the whole of value chain/ supply chain, adoption chain, techno and business ecology/systems.

Even with "average/normal" programmers, our team can make a big difference because programming per se is just a small piece in the big scheme of things.

Yet, some programmers are still behaving like mad-and-starving painters or poets. Real artists are starving ONLY RARELY. So, join us before it's too late ;-)

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The site is under constructions. Don't go there yet!

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I have an application that used to work fine on webapp (an older version of GAE) but since I upgraded to webapp2 I get errors when I try to render a template.
NO ANSWER AT Sep 19, 2013

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Bitnami Django Stack already has pip.

$ pip install ./downloads/SomePackage-1.0.4.tar.gz
$ pip install http://my.package.repo/

pip install path/to/mypackage.tgz

pip install

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To get NLTK
(1) numpy

(2)pyyaml -->

OR 2011 April

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Anonymous said... GOOD


a lot of Online grammar classes

Anonymous said... kids' static pictures

word list

games find/match/eyes/arrows/paris/memory

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Don't. Minify or obfuscate?

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(1) In terms of client side Javascript is the only way to manipulate the DOM. In terms of server side there are a multitude of ways. --- what ways?


Yes, Twitter moved their front end from the client to the server (link). We still have to consider the performance of client side code versus server side code. For some web applications, the performance of server side code may be better. For others, the performance of client side code may be just as good if not better.

(3) To have an interactive site you need something that can execute code on the client machine. --- This is (at the moment) usually either JavaScript, Flash or Silverlight.

None of these interact with the HTML DOM as seamlessly as JavaScript though.
One thing you can do is simply have the server-side code do all of the processing. You limit yourself to having only CSS available for interactivity, but you can still do just about everything by loading a new page.
--> English3day -->


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